Survivors of F-227

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"Note how, even in the midst of reluctantly committing acts they themselves found extremely repugnant-and ones they fully knew the world condemns-this group developed norms to govern their behavior. This was crucial for these survivors, because group support, along with its attendant norms, is critical in maintaining a sense of a "good" self."My initial reaction to this article was pity. I really did feel bad for the passengers of the aircraft; to have to go through something like that really is just terrible. I think that you should never try and beat Mother Nature because she will always prevail. You can not beat the forces of the earth. I think it was foolish of the few players that did to call the pilots cowards, for there is no shame in trying to be safe, especially when you are flying an aircraft over hazardous mountains.

At first I found it bizarre that people used God as an excuse for eating there fellow passengers because I believed they were justified in eating them.

In a life or death situation you shouldn't have to try and justify your reasoning for trying to survive, and I think that they didn't need to bring God into it. I disagree with the people that didn't eat, but in a way understood there reasoning. It would be one of the hardest decisions one would have to make and having to eat another human although it could save your life is utterly revolting and I wish to never have to experience it. I think that the reason God was brought up because it was there personal way of trying to justify not eating human flesh.

"Some however, could not. Javier and Liliana Methol, husband and wife, though they longed to return to their children, could not eat human flesh. They said that the others could do as they liked, but perhaps God wanted them to choose to die."I personally believe do not believe in God but if there was one wouldn't he want his people to survive? I believe that when you die your soul is gone from your body, where it goes I do not know. The body is naught but a shell of what it once was. If I were to die of course I would not want my body to be destroyed for no purpose but if it was going to make the difference between life or death for someone I would have no objection in them eating my body.

"Changed circumstances make people more open to accepting new definitions of reality."I believe this to be true. For instance I don't think they would've eaten each other if they had means of hunting or getting other kinds of food. In most cases people don't usually harm people unless forced to do so in a changed circumstance. If your life was threatened you would either accept a new definition of reality and defend yourself in a way that you might not usually chose, or not accept it and become injured or even killed. Its like the saying "Drastic times call for drastic measures." People usually don't like change, and only change when needed. Without change you are subject to a sense of security and when change comes around you get scared because change can be scary and it can be for the worse, but it can also be for the better and in this situation having to eat your friends is a change for the better and worse.

This world is cruel and harsh and at times you have to do things you don't want to do, but if your going to make it in life you need to step up and do what is necessary to survive, even if it means eating a human or putting on skin socks. Its about survival and in this world you have to do what you have to do to survive, and people shouldn't judge you for what you do to keep on going.