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On February 15, 1820, Susan Brownwell Anthony was born into a Quaker family in Adams, Massachusetts. Susan B. Anthony, later on in the years to come, became an abolitionist and a women's rights leader. She influenced the reconstruction period and the Civil War by publishing a newspaper, speaking out about what she believed in and by working on the Underground Railroad.

Susan B. Anthony did many first in her time that were very new to her and to the nation. In 1837 Susan attended her first female friends seminar. Her first involvment was in a temperance movement. This movement was one of the first expressions of an original feminism in the U.S. It dealt with the abuses of women and children who suffered from alcoholic husbands. In 1849 Susan gave her first public speech for the Daughter's of Temperance. Then in 1852 she attended her first women's suffrages convention.

Susan also called the first women's rights convention in Washington D.C., in 1869.

Over the years Susan B. Anthony had a lot of accomplishments in both Anti- Slavery and Women Suffrages. In 1854 Susan decided that she would devoted her life to the equality of others and devoted herself to an anti- slavery movement. In 1866 she helped co-found the A.E.R.A. Also she published The Revolution was a newspaper about Women Suffrages. In 1870 Susan helped form the working Women's Central Association. Also in 1881 Susan co-writes and publishes vol. 4 of the History of Women Suffrages.

One of Susan B. Anthony's main goals was to get women the right to vote. So, what Susan Decided to do was to go and vote even though she was obviously a women, this was in 1872. Even though thousands of women all across the country illegally voted, Susan was one...