Suspence Story worth C Grade in GCSE Coursework - 'House Of Spirits'

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I opened my eyes. I couldn't see because I was blinded by the darkness that shun in front of me. Darkness accompanied me all around and I then realized I was in the forest. The Black Hills as they were known as. I can now see why but how have I ended up here? I made myself get up. The moon was full and the stars were bright and the howling of animals surrounded. Not a cloud in the sky and it added effect to the bitterness of the cold air which seemed to force on me. I was dressed in Goth as that drunken Halloween night had ended and I was black as a phantoms cape. I began to weep because of the isolation and confusion and knelt on the ground with my arms in my head.

Morning. I awoke to an alarm of birds fluttering above me. I must have passed back out that night but what am I still doing here? It was early morning and I was laid on piles of leaves and by me I noticed a creek.

I lay up, wiped my eyes and my mascara eyes were runny from the tears I wept the night before. The forest was a lot clearer now and I could here the happy chirping and tweeting of birds. Though the bitter cold was still here I could see and feel the suns warmth bouncing on my body. I got up from the rough but soft leaves and stood to look around.

"What am I doing here?" I said in a groan. "My parents are gunna kill me if they knew id been up in these hills." I looked around and saw a black object on the floor. It was quite hard to see from where I was...