Suspense in "The Birds" (comparison of the book and the film)

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At times, we don't understand why things occur. In the story "The Birds" by Daphne du Maurier and The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock, all types of birds begin to attack the people for an unknown reason. The short story and the movie each have a different way of presenting the main idea and creating suspense. Throughout the film and short story, we see how the citizen's cope with the bird attacks and what happens to the birds. In my opinion, I thought that the movie was more suspenseful then the short story for multiple reasons.

One important reason that I thought the movie was more suspenseful then the short story was that in the movie you could actually see what was going on. It was easier for me to understand what was happening because I could actually see it. In the story, I had to try and imagine what the characters looked like, how they acted, and what they were doing in certain scenes.

Also, seeing The Birds on screen helped create suspense. For example, broken tea cups were hanging on their hooks. This sets the mood that something bad happened or is about to occur. Moments later, we discover that Mitch's mother's father was attacked and killed by the birds. Another aspect of suspense that is in the movie is the change in music. The music becomes slow and spooky when an important event is going to happen. An example of this is when Melanie is walking up the stairs in the middle of the night and then gets attacked by birds in Cathy's bedroom. My emotions changed more dramatically in watching the movie then in reading the short story because of the suspense that was evident in the movie.

A major difference between the...