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Essay on Sustainability

The Green Imperative' is an exceptionally good book written by Victor Papanek, who was a prominent designer as well as an author of our time. The basis of the book is related to ecology and ethics as applied to design and architecture. The introduction of sustainability takes place thereafter. The word `sustainability' means that is not the same as environmentalism or about saving the world. But, instead to make each one of us realize that we are a part of the world and that certain actions we make can cause harm to our planet. Therefore, he agrees that we as a community should try to support life on earth, making it a better place to live in. Creating newer resources and inventions could cause less harm to our planet later on.

With references to Papanek's book `The Green Imperative' I am to give examples of existing designs that is more sustainable for the well being of our environment.

There are a lot of major changes to our natural environment. Today we are now faced with many different types of unnatural disasters. Furthermore, these disasters are likely to increase in number as well as the scale of such disasters.

These weather changes are due to an increase in global warming. Global warming is: '... scientifically referred to as climate change... due to natural processes and cycles... and is the result of human activity.'

Greenhouse gases cause global warming. However pollution from the earth's atmosphere also plays a significant role. Fossil fuel extractions have got connections with changes in the climate. We humans will remain a target of these climate changes, as we are held responsible for our actions towards the environment. Examples are: cutting down trees for phosphates, natural sources from the ground and intensive farming by...