Sustainable Architecture

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After researching different projects of sustainability I realized that there are vast and many different forms of sustainability. Let me first break down the meaning of sustainability. Basically it means "taking less from the Earth and giving more to people." But how is this related with architecture. It can range from being energy efficient and using nontoxic finishes to being constructed of recycled materials and completely powered by the sun. So it is not only one thing but a group of which when combined together is helpful for the environment and for this reason considered green. Some of the design goals are to harmonize with the site, build using energy efficient materials, use natural heating and cooling, to be aesthetically beautiful and ecological, refurbish old building when possible and etc.

What does it take to build a green building? It is not just one but many things. It takes a good architect who knows about sustainable green design but not only this: it also requires supportive city, a committed client, knowledgeable engineers and once the architects work is done it is the building managers duty to keep it green.

From the sketch above it can easily be understood that solar energy, renewable energy, conserving water, using local and natural materials, saving our forests and durability are the main issues of concern to achieve sustainability. Sustainable architecture seeks to reduce the negative environmental impact of the buildings by increasing efficiency and moderation of the utilization of building materials: energy and development space. Nowadays many architectural competitions are being held dealing with sustainability.

The new Public Utilities Commission building located in San Francisco is a new beginning for sustainability in America. It is 12 story highly sustainable office tower located in the San Francisco Civic Center. The structure establishes a benchmark...