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Sustainable material -POROUS PAVEMENT



Figure1. open-joined paving blocks,

Figure3. porous aggregate,

Figure4. porous turf,

Figure2. porous concrete

Porous pavement could increase the infiltration rate and interflow rate and reduce the overwhelmingly high rate of surface flow. Porous pavement materials include: porous aggrregate, porous turf, plastic geocells, open-joined paving blocks, open-celled paving grids, porous concrete, porous asphalt.

Open-joined paving blocks is one of the most commonly used.

Open-jointed paving: open-jointed paving blocks are solid units shaped or placed to leave open space in the joins between adjacent units. The blocks are manufactures from concrete, clay or from natural stones or wood. The joins are filled with porous aggregate or vegetated soil. Together, the blocks and joins form a composite surface that can be porous and permeable while bearing traffic loads though the structure.


What does porous pavement system do and not do?

Pervious paving allows rainwater to either pass through the paving system itself or through joint openings between pavers. They are designed to capturing, slowing and absorbing storm water, they cannot treat the pollutants leaking form vehicle on roads.[2: page 23, San Mateo County sustainable green streets and parking...