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"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves" said the great William Shakespeare. One's future or goals is depended on themselves (choices and actions). In comparison to Shakespeare's' quote, the destination that a student plans on pursuing after high school, depends on the senior leveled courses (grade 11 and 12) they have chosen. But what's more difficult than choosing just a few courses that can impact an entire life? There are many things to consider while choosing high school courses. Choosing courses that can enrich ones knowledge in the career that he/she wants to follow, being able to have interest and good abilities in the courses and having time to be able to complete this certain course are some considerations that shall be used while choosing senior leveled courses.

One consideration that a senior student should consider is choosing courses that'll allow him/her to understand the skills, knowledge and being able to make up their final permanent choice of the career they would want to pursue.

Co-operative Ed (Co-op) is a course that allows students to work in a workplace setting. If a student wants to follow the path to be science teacher, the student would go to an elementary or middle school and work (volunteer) around the classroom, by teaching the younger students and helping them out. This course allows the senior student to have an experience of hands- on activities and also the experience of being a teacher. Another course that can prepare a student's knowledge of the career they want to choose, is the Specialist High Skill Majors (SHSM). SHSM is a courses that allows senior students to explore specific career goals and have informed choices by the end of high school. One...