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Tyler Olcott

Music History

Mr. Lerose

December 12, 2013


Beethoven was a very important composer that has had a huge impact on our society today. Without him, music would not be what it is today. All of his music inspired other composers to write music like him. Although he was a very successful composer, he had to overcome many obstacles in his life. Beethoven's life had several factors that influenced the sound of his compositions. His deafness, his unhappy childhood and his belief in humanity had a profound effect on the stylistic traits in his music.

When Beethoven was around thirty years old, he became deaf. This was when he was making the best music of his life so it was a very disastrous thing to find out. Even when he was deaf, he was still composing music. This shows how incredible of a composer he was.

He has had a lot of experience with music so that gave him an advantage to make the music. His music progressively started to become more furious and powerful once he became deaf. His music became very unique which is why people started to like him even more. This was a huge disadvantage for Beethoven but he overcame it and was still able to make incredible music.

Beethoven did not have the best childhood. His father was not a good person. He was an alcoholic and basically abused Beethoven. The result of this was that Beethoven had to start to take care of his family. He made money for his family by playing his own music. He started when he was eleven years old. This also was a con of his childhood because instead of hanging out with his friends and doing kid activities, he had...