Swansea,Wales,UK's basic population information and its relevance to creating a business within the city

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Location information.

I looked up recent census information of the Internet, however I was unable to find any information concerning the local economy of Swansea vale. So instead of using inaccurate information and disadvantaging my business, I decided to locate statistics and information from Swansea Council. I obtained the information under the freedom of information act 200, which gives a general right of access to all types of records held by public authorities.

I found more local information much easier by using the information booklets and reviews I was provided with than if I had used the national census. I also found more up to date statistics as the information is annually collected where as the national census is collected every ten years - the last census was in 2001 which was 3 years ago, so there is a possibility that the information it provided is now slightly out of date.

I have enclosed some of the information I collected however I have listed the most essential information below:


There is a working population of over 490,000 people within a 45-minute travel to work area in Swansea vale. In addition, 16,000 French, German, Spanish and Italian speakers live within a 45-miute drive within Swansea vale

This information shows that Swansea has a large working population, which not only provides good potential opportunities to employ staff, but also shows there are a lot of people who are potential customers.

Also, with 16,000 people available and able to speak European languages, I could possibly provide a staff that accommodates the one million plus tourists that visit Swansea every year.

The average full-time gross weekly salary in Swansea is £383.90, which is approximately 4% lower than the average for Wales and 82.6% of the Great Britain figure. The latest annual rate...