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The Swatch Group creates ground-breaking products that set the corporation apart from the competition while maintaining its credibility in the consumer market. On the surface, the company has reached desirable results as a top notch manufacturer and distributor. "The Swatch Group chairman stated that the firm required a major transformation of the financial system," (Treeck, 2008). The elevation of demand has generated production challenges.

Current Performance"Last year the company was able to supersede the previous year recordings in salesand net income," (Swatch Group key figures, 2007). The overview of the Swatch Groupsuggests that the firm is well positioned due to the strategic planning in the globalmarket. The Swatch Group current mission is not clearly stated, but implied fromperformance. The chairman believes that the Swatch Group should concentrate on theemotional values of the consumer (Swatch Group profile, n.d.). Emotional values tie intowhy a particular product is desired or not desired. The Swatch Group recognizes that itis important to manufacture goods that will persuade the consumer to purchase aparticular brand.

Swatch Group's indirect purpose is to originate and analyze the company's globaltrade strategies by strengthening its network growth capacity of diversified products(Swatch Group key figures, 2007). The corporation's ability to sustain diversified productswill entice the buyer's market to purchase the brand of choice regardless of theconsumer's income status. This type of marketing ploy is used to further build thereputation of the company while focusing on how to maintain the satisfaction and loyaltyof the consumer. The primary objective is to safeguard the corporation's technologicalinnovations in order to maintain market dominance. "By utilizing the market penetrationstrategy, the company will be able to control the entry of all new products," (ICB SwatchGroup, n.d.). As the nation's leading watchmaker, the company understands that lastingprinciples can be attained by retaining and recruiting experienced personnel, avoidanceof environmental waste,