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Emotional... Physical... Abuse... Sweatshops, just stop them! What is a sweatshop? A sweatshop is a work place where workers are subject to extreme exploitation, including absence of a living wage or benefits, poor working conditions, and arbitrary discipline. Sweatshops are located all around the world, but are mostly heard off in third word countries. America still has sweatshops even though people think that they disappeared after the Industrial revolution. Sweatshops are also subject to cheap labor so major companies can make a high profit. Greed is the cause of sweatshops and the abuse of power. Companies such as Nike and Gap are highly looked upon as a sweatshops based company. Remember the commercial were Gap models sing the ? Love Train? song. I found that quite interesting because how could Gap have a love train when they are one of the leading companies of sweatshops? Ironic, huh? It?s not just Gap and Nike though, most companies use sweatshops, they just have a low profile.

Action for sweatshops is being taken, but it seems to be a useless battle. I just want to open the eyes of American students because we are the future companies and maybe we can make better decisions.

Sweatshops need to end because it compromises the quality of life, the workers don?t earn a profit, and the cycle of life repeats itself.

To start sweatshop workers are disadvantaged because they are exposed to physical risks, health problems, and no benefits. The physical abuse happens daily to a sweatshop worker. They are exposed to physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse. More than we could ever imagine. Why do they chose these jobs? These jobs seen as better jobs but actually are just as bad. ?Having a job to apparel manufacturing should not mean having to be subjected...