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The songs Stay and Sweet Sixteen, by Destiny's Child are very good way of looking at teenage life. I do personally think it might be the same girl just in different stages in her life. In the song stay you have this young girl who is decideing if she wants to lose her virginity to her boyfriend or not. She is afraid that if she gives it up to him, that he will leave her. In the song she is asking him to stay with her no matter what happenes. Now in the song Sweet Sixteen there is a young girl that runs away with her boyfriend. She gets pregnant and she pretty much has no where to go. The girls in the two songs seems very different. In the song stay the girl seems very unsure about going along with this. She seems to have respect for herself and she is thinking about what will happen if he leaves her.

In the other song sweet sixteen, the girl seems not to care about what she is going. She does not have respect for herself and she never stopped to think about if this guy were to leave her. In the song it says that you couldn't tell her anything and she though she new it all. She has that attitude she doesn't care about what happens to her and she really could care less what anyone said. So in this way these girls seem very different, but I know by experience that relationship and life can change your attitude and way of thinking. I do believe that these girl are the same people at different times in there lifes.

In conclusion Destiny's Child's songs stay, and sweet sixteen are a very good representation of the pressure...