Swiffer Wet Jet

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Swiffer Wet Jet

Physical Description

Do you have problems trying to clean the house because it is too time consuming? Don't worry; Swiffer has the solution for you. With Swiffer's new heartfelt advertisement with an elderly couple, Lee and Morty, it grabs you in and shows you just how useful their product is. The commercial starts off with Lee happily saying, "I like a clean kitchen!" and Morty solemnly states, "I don't do any cleaning, I make dirt." Then, it shows them together on the screen and Lee has a cute little nod and smile, agreeing that Morty doesn't clean.

Afterwards, they show Lee on the screen forcefully moping the floor then trying to squeeze the mop water into the sink frustrated while saying, "I'm not big enough or strong enough for this." Next, it flashes back to them sitting in lounge chairs together, while Morty preaches, "There should be some way to make it easier."

The second after Morty says that, the doorbell rings and a bright green large box with Swiffer big and bold written across the front of it while happy, upbeat music plays in the background. It then flashes to Morty and Lee opening the neon green box while Morty says, "Here's a box babe, open it up." The senior couple excitingly opened the box together and dug through to see what product they had just received. They talk to each other about what the product is because they have never seen anything like it. They turn the box around looking at every side puzzled. Lee says amazed, "Oh my goodness," and Morty says confused, "What is a wet jet?" Lee then answers Morty's question and the screen changes to a close up of the Swiffer Wet Jet cleaning the floor while Morty says,