The Swimmer by John Cheever

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The Swimmer" by John Cheever was a very interesting story. Neddy and

Lucinda Merril an older couple spent there warm summer Sunday at the Westerhazys. It

is fairly obvious that the community is very wealthy and older. The cry of hangover was

a whisper in the community, which can show that the town is a bunch of close friends.

Cheever Tries to let us know early in the story that Neddy and Lucinda do

not live at home. "As he jogged toward the smell of coffee in his dining room "(P.193)

Neddy awakes at the Westerhazys house and begin to think of his house "where his four

beautiful daughters would have had there lunch and might be playing tennis"

Neddy seems to start thinking of how to get home by water. Maybe it is

something he did in the past, or it's just the fact that he seems to be in the stages of

Alsheimers. He calls his little swimming journey down the stream Lucinda after his wife.

After jumping in the Westerhazys pool. Neddy thought " in the back of his mind the one-

two,one-two of a flutter kick". This could mean that Neddy was maybe a professional

swimmer in the past.

" The only maps and charts he had to go by were remembered or imaginary but

clear enough" This must have been something Neddy has done in the past. He seems to

know all of the neighbors between the Westerhazys and Bullet Park. It seems like they

are located in a gated type elderly community that is very wealthy. Everyone is either

partying or away on vacation . I feel he is somewhere right outside N.Y.C. or in the outer

banks of New Jersey." The Levys driveway marked with a private property sign and

green tube for...