"The Swimmer" by John Cheever

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The swimmer written by "John Cheever" is good example of escape from daily life indeed. Cheever uses main character somehow reflect daily way of american life style with consuming of alcoholic drinks and house parties, along with painful experiences main character, Neddy Merril underwent. In short the story reflects, Neddy's surrealistic escape from the loss of his daughters. Also, every swimming pool reflects the different moments of life, sometimes fast and just like a leaf falling from a tree or sometimes somewhere you don't know or don't like or do not liked. But there is also a point here, although he escapes from his painful memories, day by day and one by one he unfortunately comes closer to his final, which will make him suffer so much, because he chooses a path to his home with pools. Moreover expressing Neddy's spiritual and emotional emptiness of life, and also loneliness; Cheever draws attention on the corruption of family and friend communication, beyond family relations, any of his friends, in other words his neighbours, does not ask him or help him to cope with his problems and pains, instead of doing that they just serve him a drink and let them go other pools.

Because this is the easier way than dealing with his problems. it is really good example of insight of human being, also for us who always lives in dreams which is the easier way of coping with daliy problems instead of facing with them.