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1. In this report I will be telling about the country Switzerland. The capital of Switzerland is Bern. The terrain is mostly mountains, plateaus, rolling hills, plains, and large lakes. The constitution was made on the 29th of May in 1874. Some of the major religions of Switzerland are Roman Catholic, Protestant.

2. Switzerland is a many different language speaking country. People in Switzerland speak German, French, Italian, and Romansch. But the major language is German 63.7 % of the people speak German. 19.2 % of the population speaks French, 7.6 % speak Italian, and Romansch speaks 6 %. 3. Switzerland is found in central part in Europe. It is east of France and north of Italy. The exact location of Switzerland is 47.00 degrees north and 8.00 degrees east.

4. The type of government in Switzerland in is federal Republic. The government president is elected from the members of the federal council.

Switzerland is a republic governed under a constitution adopted on May 29, 1874, and amended many times since. The electorate not only chooses its representatives but also decides important issues by means of referendums, an integral part of Swiss government. Constitutional amendments may be initiated by a petition of 50,000 voters and must be ratified by referendums. Federal legislation may also be made subject to referendums. The strongest Swiss political parties are the Radical Democratic Party, standing for strong federal power; the Social Democratic Party, advocating democratic socialism; and the Christian Democratic People's Party, opposing centralization of power. Other political parties of note are the Swiss People's Party, the Independent Alliance, the Liberal Party, and the Greens, an environmentalist group.

5. A) Switzerland has eight major trading partners. They are Germany 22.6%, France 9.2%, Italy 8.0%, UK 5.5%, Austria 3.2%, US 12.4%, and Japan 4.0%.

b) Switzerland...