Switzerland's view on Trade Barriers in Africa.

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Switzerland acknowledges the problems that Africa faces and offers her condolences. We wish to see an end to the trade barrier problem that Africa is facing. However, throughout these talks, we only have one main concern: sovereignty.

Historically and traditionally, Switzerland has been the land of equality and neutrality. Trade was not controlled. Therefore, domestic and international markets had equal rights. However, in the past years, we have had to go against our historic position. We no longer could maintain our national sovereignty; therefore, domestically produced products were given preferential treatment. In light of these recent developments, Switzerland has noticed increased tensions about maintaining our national sovereignty and the sovereignty of other nations.

While Switzerland eagerly awaits an end to this problem, we suggest offering short-term support to African nations. These solutions would help alleviate pressure on the economic system in Africa by encouraging and establishing international and domestic trade routes.

Again, we point out that we cannot issue mandates but only prescribe recommendations. Our reforms must not be forced upon other countries.

By learning from our mistakes, Switzerland suggests improving and reshaping our current system. We must not abandon the Uruguay Round of talks and other solutions discussed. However, a study needs to be conducted on the implementation and feasibility of these talks. As one of the participants of the Uruguay round, we felt that it was a step in the right direction. However, it was unfeasible and implementation was troublesome. We need to identify problems that we are encountering with our system and repair them.

Acknowledging many grievances, Switzerland proposes change in multiple sectors. Firstly, the problems with the World Trade Organization need to be addressed and resolved. Secondly, anti-dumping laws were created with due cause, however we do not believe in the use of these laws...