The Sword of All Swords

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Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would do anything to get it? If it was that special someone you have had your eyes on for a while or that new sixty inch plasma TV you saw in the electronics store. Most of the time people go through dangerous measures to get these things. They lie. They steal. They even go so far as murder. I know because I was once like those people I wanted something so badly that I chose to do the only thing I thought I could do to get it. I stole it. It was the scariest and embarrassing moment I ever had. It was the afternoon when my parents left the house I went out and toured the streets just looking around when I saw it was an old antic samurai sword that looked really cool. I just kept thinking I have to have it so I went in the store and ask the clerk how much was the sword was and he had the nerve to tell me that it was $150,000 I was like are u serous.

I asked the clerk why it was so much and she said because it was one of the 13 swords that the legendary Murayama Yangame made before he died from war. I left the store in disappointment because there was no way in hell I was going to buy that sword. But I really wanted that sword so badly.

It was night and I kept thinking about the sword and if I stole it I could sell it on eBay. So got up snuck out of my house and went to the store were the sword was being sold and scoped the place out looking for anyone that might see me. The coast was clear so I took this lock picking set I got from my cousin that was in jail I think u no why he was a robber. When I got in the store I looked around and I noticed that the sword wasn’t on display so I check around and I found it its was in a clear box with a pad lock on it. I thaght about breaking it open but it was imposable so I just grabbed the whole box and ran outside but there was a problem THE DAM ALARM WENT OFF!!. My heart was beating so fast I started to get REALLY SCARED I ran out of the store but then I saw cop car so I ran out the back door and all the way home I hid the box in my closet and covered it up with some towels and clothes and I didn’t go out side for like 2 weeks.