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I chose to do an S.W.O.T analysis on the Engineering Consulting Business Plan. During my analysis I found many strength's that the company had. Such as having the eighteen years of experience: to go along with the business. Another strength was having a projected idea of what your profit would look like in three year which was an outstanding 20 % increase. By having his company on the construction - architecture market he put his self in a good situation for his type of business, because the demand for his type of work is steadily increasing.

Depending on how many offers the company has been given would determine easily in the first year if the company was able to increase the projected income to even more than 20 %. By having such a hard working team that's on the same goal it makes it possible for new employees to improve their skills quickly and for those already working opportunity to still increase their skills.

If successful in the construction - architecture market the company would be able to easily expand globally and not be stuck to those that are local.

While doing the S.W.O.T analysis I found that some of the weaknesses of the company includes only having 20 thousand dollars to start the company when all the things in the startup list cost more than 80 thousand dollars. Another was having only one place as the business location, not to mention that the place was no bigger than a small bedroom 150 ft. Not providing a professional inspection after completion of the new buildings, I find it to be one of the company's biggest weaknesses. I think that by having only a few business resources and only one foreign resource will make becoming globally known a little bit...