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SWOT Analysis: Asthma Education For All

MHA 626: Strategic Planning & Marketing in Health Care

Dr. Ann Little

Week 4: Assignment 1

September 19, 2011


In the state of Ohio there are four children's hospitals. Many of them provide the same care as one another but some have specialty services that they only provide to the need of the community around them. In the capital city of Ohio there is a large children's hospital that services a little greater population than the others. One service initiative that will reach out the many people is asthma. Asthma is in both adults and children but more children have problems with controlling their asthma at a young age. The service that would be created would be community services based to reach out to all of the central Ohio families that have children with asthma to make sure their needs are met (Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, 2009).

The service will be focused on children with asthma but the education that families can take away about asthma can be used for any age group.


This service is like no other out in the community. The asthma initiative is run by Nationwide Children's Hospital and will have specialized respiratory therapist, nurses and physicians working on this service. The way this program will be first started is by collecting data of zip codes of patients that are most frequently seen in the emergency department for asthma/difficulty of breathing. The outreach will be provided to local churches, schools and daycare/after school care facilities. The guide that will be followed for educating is making an asthma action plan, identify the triggers of asthma, medications that are used to treat asthma and following up with doctor visits to make sure the patient's asthma is controlled ( Task Information System,