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IntroductionCompoint Australia is an Australian company that had acquired 3 percent of the Australian market for pointing devices for computers including mouse, cursor keys, light pens and touch screens. It had just appointed a new CEO, Mr. Wally Silva who had ten years of rich experience working in IBM, to lead the company to grow further. In order to do that, Mr. Wally Silva implemented his ideology and philosophy of management into Compoint Australia that would enable the development of the company's long-term proactive strategic marketing plan. As Jain suggested, "The ideologies and philosophies of top management as a team and of the CEO as the leader of the team have a profound effect on managerial policy and the strategic development process". (Jain p.53) Strategic marketing plan arises from the interplay of the strategic 3Cs, which are customer, competition, and corporation in a given target market environment. In addition, the 3Cs should correspond to the 4Ps in product marketing management.

The conditions of the strategic 3Cs of Compoint are being analysed below.

Leadership and vision (Corporation)After learning from IBM's mistake, Mr. Wally Silva arrived with a vision to make Compoint Australia to have a greater marketing orientation because the company has been too production orientated like IBM where customer needs have not been seen as being important. A swift would provide a system of shared beliefs and values (corporate culture) that the company should revolve around customer needs in order to gain competitive advantage that is sustainable.

SWOT analysisIn order for Compoint to operate according to the vision that Mr. Wally Silva implemented into the company, Compoint has to know what are their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to develop objectives and goals that would help the company to strive towards the direction established. There are...