SWOT analysis of Reliance Infocomm and it's strategies to promote Reliance Infocomm.

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Strength: There is much strength that Reliance Infocomm can count on and boast off.

- The state-of-art technology Reliance Infocomm is offering-CDMA technology.

- The strong subscriber base over 10million subscriber's in their kitty.

- Mobile with in the reach of common man. Affordable schemes.

- Comprehensive Network-The strong back bone high capacity network(terabit capacity) supported by fiber optic cables laid all over the country(60,000km)

- Offering Value Added services to it's customer's almost free of cost or with nominal charges.

- Reliance Infocomm was the first service provider to introduce finance option on handsets.

- Value Added Services: First Call Center of 2,000 seats in Mumbai

- Aggressive roll out to capture dominant market share and create an entry barrier

CDMA 1x Technology


Marketing strategy.

Restricted mobility through its WLL services.

Hidden Cost- Not able to retain the roped in customers.

It only catered to the needs of post paid customers.

Fewer varieties of handsets available offering CDMA technology.

Lacks Transparency at end user level

Lacks to spread Technological Awareness


Reliance Infocomm has timely and effectively used the technology where the Indian Telecom Market was lacking behind-Broad Band technology (CDMA) at affordable prices, thus capturing the market significantly.

Using the CDMA technology, it has revolutionized the data transfer rates and low cost tariffs.

In the area of E-Commerce, Video on Demand, VoIP(Voice over IP), Speech Recognition, Interactive Television, Intelligent Homes, Virtual Reality.

Providing instant connection to the customers making a happy and satisfied customer base.

Reliance Signs Amalgamation Agreement To Acquire Flag Telecom Group Limited-- Plans to acquire submarine network cables from FLAG Telecom($220 million dollars) which will drastically reduce the ISD rates.

Reliance Infocomm and Microsoft TV to work together on Next-Generation

- India's Largest Private Sector Enterprise to Prototype and

Trial Next- Generation...