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Mini-Passage Checklist: Individual Passages

For mini Critical Reading passages that have their own set of 2 questions (that don't reference the other passage in any way):

[] Read the entire passage from start to finish.

[] Read the question and come up with your answer BEFORE looking at the answer choices provided. Do so by stealing directly from the text.

[] Kill the answer choices based on error, and NEVER select them based on why you like them. "Error" means "not being the answer that you came up with originally."

Remember: the answer you come up with before you look at the answer choices is the most accurate answer you'll ever see - it is formed while you are "sober," having avoided the "drug" of the suggested answer choices. Base your elimination on your pre-formed answer.

[] First, sweep through and kill all totally crappy answers. If something is "maybe" wrong, leave it.

Do not dwell.

[] If four answers are crap, and one answer is not, then pick the one remaining answer and move on. By the way - if you kill A-D for being crap, be sure to read E and don't just pick it. It might be crap as well, in which case you may have misread one of the answer choices in A-D.

[] If there are more than one answer remaining, compare the answers to each other, one by one, and kill the answers that contain OBJECTIVE errors within them.

[] If you couldn't come up with your own answer first, either because the problem doesn't allow you to or because you just couldn't find the right evidence, be HYPER vigilant when using the elimination method.

[] If you don't have four answers crossed out, you should NEVER be circling an answer choice.

Use this...