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Base on the preliminary analysis provided by the evolutionary biologist Dr. Roughgarden in chapter one. What is the purpose of the genetic diversity?

B. It enables a species to prosper in continually changing ecological conditions

Based on the statistical evidence provided in Dr. Carrington's lecture, the rate of new infections for most major sexually transmitted infections and diseases in increasing rapidly in the united states

B. False

Base on Dr. Roughgraden, the gender across these species female and male


"Sex within Bodies". Which statement is false?

D. There can only be one gender at a time in the same body

Base on the gender across species evolutionary biologist Dr. Roughgarden. Identity the true statement?

D. males and females give birth

Base on the reading by the primatologist Dr. Da Woal, Bonobo sex and society, Bonobos relatively engage in ____.

C. Sex

Base on the documentary "Evolution: why sex?" the theory of sexual selection argues that ____.

D. females choose males with the best genes.

Base on the review of cross-species evidence by the chp.4 evolution's rainbow, sex role reversal occurs when the female is incryiwo of

B. False

" the last great ape: bonobos" sexual activity of estrus is a trait of ?

D. Bonobos and Humans

Base on the analysis provided by the anthropologist Dr. Taylor essay "The origins of Human Sexual Culture", Heterosexual reproductive sex was the dominant form of sexual behavior is early human society.

B. False

(extra credit : Lewis Herry Morgan)

Dual inherited theory argues that human sexual cultures take the form that they do due to social and cultural factors and are rarely influenced by ecological and for genetic factors

B. False

Base on the review of the archeological evidence by the anthologist Dr. Taylor which factor did wont contribute to greater hostility...