Sydney J Harris talks about how people changed during the last decade.

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The author Sydney J Harris talks about how people changed during the last decade. Factors like Drugs/Alcohol, Music, and Sports help today's society in drowning themselves in a surreal world and lets them forget about problems they face in real life. The author argues that these factors among a few, lead people into isolation and work as opiates, dulling any senses of reality.

Firstly Alcohol and Drugs both of which are highly addictive and may be bad for ones health. Even though their bad still many people choose to take drugs simply because they cannot deal with their everyday life. Similarly with alcohol, people drink to drown their feelings. Many of which, drink during a depression period that lets them forget about their problems. Excessive drinking or a drug use leads to isolation. Once a person becomes addicted to either, he becomes more violent and isolated. The everyday society doesn't accept drunks or drug addicts; therefore there is a number of clubs such as AA that are supposed to help these people.

Unfortunately once an individual is addicted its very hard for him to stop and he doesn't want to come back to the real world in which he had bad experiences that led to his current situation. As these are the downsides of the spectrum there is also a good side for both alcohol and drugs. Alcohol can be good for a person's health (A glass of wine). Also some drugs are used in prescriptions in order to help ones health.

Second factor that is discussed in detail by the author is Music. Music which used to be a "celebration of nature and an exploration of the human spirit" Nowadays became one of the factors that may lead into isolation or unusual behavior. Firstly many see music as something...