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It can be observed through research that Sylvia Plath was the average 1960's housewife on the outside but on the inside she struggled with her husband and many other things such as her social life and goals that were set out for woman to do. Sylvia Plath was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She published her first poem when she was only eight years of age. During her collage years she was a very popular and social young woman with both male and female. She was always invited to parties and social gatherings and was a popular student at school. She was excelling with her poems as she had many of them winning prizes in many competitions. Sylvia Plath wrote many of her poems on places, experiences objects, ideas and people in the ordinary world. Yet many of her later poems were in detail of her life and everything that has happened in it such as suicide attempts and a bad marriage.

In 1956 she married a man named Ted Hughes who later on became a famous and well known poet. In 1959 Ted and Sylvia moved back to England where Ted was originally from. Plath lost all her friends and her family just to start a new life.

When Sylvia was only ten she accidentally committed suicide and she didn't even know. The second time she did it, it was a decade later and this time she meant it and she didn't want to come back at all this time. This is shown through the poem Lady Lazarus it also says that she believes that her calling or talent in life is not only to kill her self but to come back, successfully. She expresses that killing herself but not dying is amusing as if it is a show...