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Symbolism Anything that stands for or represents something else is called a symbol. Symbolism is used in everyday life in many different cultures. Symbolism is represented in many different ways as you will see in both The Glass Menagerie and Mulatto. The play Mulatto by Langston Hughes uses a great amount of symbolism to help readers relate to the story. Symbolism is used many times, sometimes with different meanings.

In Mulatto, Cora represents the peace-keeper of the house. She tries to make the kids nicer to Mr. Norwood and Mr. Norwood nicer to the kids. Cora is also the divider between the blacks and whites. Robert represents rebellion towards being mistreated. He strongly believes that blacks should be treated differently. He really stands up for his beliefs and his whole race, and often got in to trouble because he was the only one standing up for his color. The largest, most important symbol in this play is the front door.

It symbolizes the unacceptance of peoples colors. It often caused conflicts between Robert and his father. "The realistic cause of conflict is the 'color line' the symbolic line that people must cross in order to accept each either as human beings. This is an ideal goal, just as it is also an insurmountable obstacle, in the society that the play depicts. (Jacob's 1553-54). Mr. Norwood will not let blacks use the front door because he thinks it should be used by whites only. Robert tries to cross the color line to try to feel as if he is accepted as a partially white person. Robert also does this as a form of rebellion. When Robert does get caught using the door he gets yelled at and punished. All of the symbols stand for ideas, values, persons, or ways of life.