Symbols In Lord Of The Flies

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Symbols in Lord of the Flies.

In all the novels, an essential thing are symbols. A symbol is something, ( an object, person, etc) that means or stands out for something else, for an idea that is important for the story. In lord of the flies, there are many symbols. The fire, the conch and the Beastie, are three examples. Without one of the above mention, the story wouldn't take place.

The beastie is one of the symbol used in Lord of The Flies. What the beastie is, is instrutable, or not certain. Sam and Erick thinks that the beastie was "full of claws and the night was full of unknown and menace"�. In the other hand Simon with incredulity, thinks that the beastie " rose before inward sight the picture of a human at once heroic and sick."�. Perceival, who was swarthiness thinks that the squid is the beastie.

So we can say that the beastie is something that has everyone scared, fear of the unknown.

The conch is a symbol for civilization. Ralph, like a good leader says that every time someone has the conch, they have the right to speak if not their would be a tumult. Jack, in the other hand says: " We don't need the conch any more. We know who ought to say thing."� The conch is what represents a democracy and order.

Fire is a symbol that stands for hope. In Lord of the Flies, they all need the fire in order to be seen and rescued. Ralph's main consern is to maintain the fire, he says: " We can help them find us"� " So we must make smoke on top of the mountain"�. So they all formed a cospiratorial to take shifts and keep the fire going.