Synopsis of a Current Business Research Paper: Direct-To-Customer Advertising of Pharmaceutical Products: Issue Analysis and Direct-To-Consumer Promotion

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Business Research Synopsis


This research project paper discusses the Direct-To-Customer Advertising (DTCA) of Pharmaceutical Products: Issue Analysis and Direct-To-Consumer Promotion. This synopsis defines the research, states it purpose, explains the problem, identifies the parties involved, and describes the methods used to conduct the research.

Definition of the Business Research and Its Purpose

The purpose of this study was to conduct an issue analysis of DTCA. It examined the development and growth, as well as the political, economic, and public health impact of DTCA emergence in the United States.

Explanation of the Business Problem Under Investigation

The DTCA has become a major force in the pharmaceutical world and affects all stakeholders: drug companies, physicians, and consumers who may need anything from arthritis medication to athletic foot powder. Arguments for and against DTCA, changes in the methods of management, and issues relating to DTCA were also reviewed. DTCA is a flourishing form of pharmaceutical advertisement sent directly to the customer.

The forms of advertising used include television, radio, Internet, newspapers, and magazines. Currently, only the United States and New Zealand permit DTCA. The 1997, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decision to relax advertising regulations paved the way in the USA (Richardson & Luchsinger, 2002). No mention of what opened the door in New Zealand was given. The size of the DTCA budget is quite large and exceeds the total spent for major brand name soda, dog food, soap, food, and dietary products. This is a key factor and raises the stakes for success (Richardson & Luchsinger, 2002). DTCA has spent more and more over the years since it began. The article indicates that the advertising is effective as millions of viewers and readers have requested the advertised products from his or her medical provider. The time-line for DTCA started in 1981...