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Company values are a hard thing to find, but this San Diego technologies based company still tries to adhere by them from the CEO to the lowest ranking employee. Qualcomm's former CEO Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs and co-founder considered certain values made a company… from the no swearing in the workplace as Jacob thought it to be poor taste, to everyone fighting over the same parking places when arriving to work (Baliant, 2005). Jacobs started his company with six other's as a hobby to keep himself busy after his first retirement, he never expected it to grow to over 8,000 employees and yearly revenues at the $5 billion range. Jacobs was only able to present his idea to most because of his previous reputation and leadership competencies (McShane & Von Glinow, 2005, Chap.14), not the merit of the concept he was selling.

During his 1989 unveiling to the a group of telephone executives, Jacob was signaled that something had gone awry in the launce of his new CDMA, and instead of making a big deal out it… he continued to talk and promote it until he was given the all clear of his engineers.

If Jacobs had not had the trust within his team, he may have at the point stopped the presentation to deal with the issues at hand himself but by allowing the team to do there job. This has allowed Qualcomm technology's to be part of 20% of the phone worldwide (Baliant, 2005).

Even though Dr. Irwin Jacob retired for a second time in 2005, the boards of directors have elected Dr. Paul Jacob to resume the command as CEO of Qualcomm hoping he will continue where his father left off. The new CEO Jacob is known for his valuable knowledge within the company as an engineer...