Synopsis of Renaissance Play, The Roaring Girl

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The Roaring Girl

Act 1:

Scene 1: Mary Fitzgerald visits her love Sebastian, dressed as a sempster. They were betrothed and something has happened to stop the marriage. Sebastian tells Mary about Moll, whom he's pretending to love to trick his father.

Scene 2: Sir Alexander (Sebastian's Father) is having guests over. He takes them on a tour of his home and then tells them a story of a man who is in love with a Moll! (Mary and Sebastian were betrothed until his father discovered how low the dowry was, and then he decided not to allow the marriage. Sebastian then pretends to be in love with Moll to trick his father into letting him marry Mary) A monster... it comes to light that the story is about his own son and Sebastian gets offended and storms out. Sir Alexander then hires Trapdoor to spy on Moll, track her down, and kill her.

Act 2:

Scene 1: Scenes opens at a group of stores. Here Laxton is trying to borrow money from Mrs. Gallipot. He pretends to want to sleep with her when really he is using her to get money. (He acts like they have never had the opportunity) We also find out that Laxton wants to pay Moll for sex... he offers and they agree on a time and place, Gray Inns Fields at 3:00. We have Goshawk who is told a by Mr. Openwork that he has been seeing a prostitute but sworn to secrecy (Goshawk later in the scene tells his secret because he wants to seduce Mrs. Openwork) We also see Mrs. Openwork insult Moll and yell to get out of her store because Moll is considered a whore, low class, thief, trash, etc. We also know Moll cross dresses and she pulls a...