Synthesis on California Northern

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Carol Lynn Langdon

Professor Hayes

English 1A.01

11 November 2013

Essay 3: Synthesis of California Northern

Word count: 1793 words

Being a 7th generation California native, one would think I know my home state fairly well. However, I think I am the worst Californian ever, as I can't tell my highway 101 to my I-5, or my Los Altos to my San Francisco. I don't travel far distances fairly often, however, when I do, I am usually not driving, nor am I paying attention to the roads and signs I pass. I am more concerned with the topography I see; I am from a very large city, where the only fields I see are being developed into apartments or condos to make someone a lot of money in a short amount of time. After reading California Northern, I can honestly say that I hate that magazine, which is my own personal opinion, as I like my Seventeen and Cosmopolitan magazines.

Although some of California Northern's more personal articles intrigued me, like Maria Ines Catalan's "Walking Through the Sun and the Mud" about her struggles as a migrant farmer made business owner, I really disliked the variety of articles presented within the magazine. One article was all about establishing a line that determines where Northern California ends and begins. Another article was about Japanese internment camps and personal items connecting to the author's heritage. And another article was all about the Occupy Oakland movement, which projected a first person point of view of the movement itself, a view that really wasn't projected through the media, and a view I was unfamiliar with. All of these articles have one thing in common: California. However, as a reader, I fail to find the connection between many of the articles within the...