Synthesis on Group Conformity

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I am discussing two articles, "Group Minds" by Doris Lessing, and "Group Dynamics" by Donnellson about why people conform within groups and what we can do to make more independent nonconformist decisions. The Power that groups have in influencing decisions and persuading conformity within groups are ideas that are discussed in both articles. Both articles also talk about the reasons such as fear, weakness, and the desire to be accepted that persuade most of us to conform to the vast majority of a grout and the fact that all of us are in some sort of group unless we are in the minority of solitaries. . Lessing writes that identifying the fact that almost all of us conform within groups and being aware and analyzing this will help us be less likely to conform within a group without giving much thought. Forsyth however discusses the powers of group conformity without giving any insight on how we can make independent nonconforming decisions.

While Forsyth?s article uses three basic factors of why people conform Lessing uses examples to prove conformity.

First let?s take a look at some of the reasons we conform without thinking twice about it. Lessing discusses? paragraph 1 page 306? the general idea that we westernized world people "free people" think of ourselves. Lessing writes that our concept is that "we are free citizens in a free society, and that we are individuals making individual choices. Our mind is our own, and our opinions are chosen by us. We are free with the only exception being that we may not have the financial freedom to completely do as we choose", but other then that we are totally free. Lessing says ?paragraph 3 page 307? that the fact that people don?t analyze at all past this and...