Synthesis of litterature. Speaks of Shakespeare, Descartes, Voltaire, Shelly,

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Literature is a diverse and bountiful area of intelligence where many ideas, ideals, and dreams can come about. Writings have come from as far back as the time of Jesus to whatever was produced yesterday. People have written superior works that can inspire, lead, and in the end, produce. Shakespeare, Descartes, Voltaire, Shelly, the list goes on. Twenty-eight themes are said to apply to all types of literature. Any one of these themes is said to describe one, some, or all works done in this field. Whoever said that there are twenty-eight is incorrect at best. Actually, twenty-nine themes exist, the newly added one being the theme of cynicism. All the literary works read this first semester have, along with other minor/major themes, had one theme that will combine them all. The bond that holds all of these works together is the cynical outlook they all share on life.

Faust is the epic battle between man and his limitations with the Lord and Mephistopheles thrown into the mix just to complicate things.

This is a journey that sees Mephistopheles try a backwards attempt at showing the ever cynical Faust that there is a reason to keep on living. As it is now, Faust believes that his life is miserable and that being a part of humanity can only hinder his thirst for knowledge.

The other side gives me little trouble;

First batter this present world to rubble,

Then the other may rise -- if that's the plan.

This earth is where my springs of joy have started,

And this sun shines on me when brokenhearted;

If I can first from them be parted,

Then let happen what will and can!

I wish to heat no more about it --

Whether there too men hate and love

Or whether in those...