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I am a very good public speaker. Does that catch you as surprisingly forward? Well it should, because most people my age will not be able to say that to their teacher. I think the main points that help me be so comfortable in a public speaking position are the ideas that I have a very good vocabulary and I am able to talk to almost anyone. Having an eclectic vocabulary allows the speaker to converse with anyone on any level. If you can describe something to some one, in several different ways, then it is almost impossible for them to not understand you. If the listener can understand you then the speaker has accomplished his goal. Another reason I am good at speaking is that I am not intimidated when I am in the spot light. I could talk to someone I have known for ten years or someone that I have known for ten minutes.

I could also talk to one person or one hundred people. Both situations require different types of speaking skills. If I have just met someone I ask more questions. I try to get to know them and I show my interest by keeping good eye contact and not talking when they are. If it is someone I know, I switch gears and am allowed to talk about myself a little more. Talking to one person is pretty much what everyone does every day. It is simple friendly conversation. I am multi faceted in the reason that I can inflect my voice very well. I can talk very loud while still annunciating and speaking with inflection on my words. In any of these situations I believe that I could converse clearly and have a conversation that would leave them with a positive impression...