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"Nobody knows how they got it, but damned if they know how to get rid of it".

If THIS is how you look at syphilis, then you HAVE to read this pamphlet! It will tell you a general description of the bacterium, how it is contracted, the symptoms, how to prevent it, and side effects of syphilis.

How Syphilis Is Contracted!

Syphilis is contracted when the spirochete treponema pallidum penetrates broken skin, or mucous membranes, but is mostly contracted through sexual contact. Syphilis can also be given to a fetus during secondary syphilis, but during any stage of pregnancy. Most people in the United States that have syphilis are adults between the ages of 20-29.

Prevention of Syphilis!

Syphilis can be prevented to a greater degree by constant use of a condom, and an early diagnosis is needed to prevent an ongoing transmission of the bacterium.

General Description of Syphilis!

Syphilis is extremely contagious.

About 23 years ago, syphilis was thought to have been eliminated, but in the past few years, the syphilis virus has come back, but even stronger than it was before, because it has developed a type of immunity to our current antibiotics, making the syphilis virus even stronger, and harder to destroy. Most people that have syphilis don't even know that they have the disease until it is too late, and the virus has already been transmitted to another person. This virus is extremely dangerous, and can cause massive physical damage.

Treatment of Syphilis!

Prompt treatment and monitoring for response to treatment can cure syphilis, but in stages of tertiary syphilis, complications can develop even with long-term therapy.

Consequences if syphilis is not treated!

If syphilis is not treated, it may develop into neurosyphilis, or cardiovascular complications, or destructive lesions of the skin and bone may...