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This paper will be a discussion of the system of inquiry of Harley Davidson. The division which I will be focusing on will be the production division. The paper will include a discussion of why, how, and by whom the model of systems is used. Ways to implement the code of ethics, and the possible reactions of the code by the employees of the company. The problem encountered with the production division, was an employee has leaked critical information about a new design motor for a bike. Being the manager for this division one of the employees has brought this to my attention.

The business code of conduct is used by Board of Directors and all employees of Harley-Davidson, Inc., including those of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Buell Motorcycle Company, Harley-Davidson Financial Services and Harley-Davidson subsidiaries worldwide.

Harley Davidson's code of ethics describes their values are being fair, keep your promises, tell the trust, respect the individual and encourages intellectual curiosity.

The ethical issues surrounding the code of business conduct are the company has a right to keep pertinent information private until it has been released to the public. If an employee does not follow this they are in breach of the trust instilled into them by the code. When they employees do not follow the code of ethics they are performing unethical business practices. When employees speak against the company either verbally or written the affected parties that are harmed are the company, employees and customers.

The decision making strategies at Harley Davidson are comprised of leadership circles. These leadership circles are divided into three circles. The create demand circle which overseas marketing and sales for motorcycles, parts, accessories and apparel. The second circle is called the produce product circle. This circles deals with products, engineering functions, manufacturing...