System of Inquiry

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System of Inquiry

The following is the mission and value statement that serves Trinity Health:

We work together and with others to continue the healing ministry of the church and to promote the well being of people in the communities we serve by living the values of compassion, respect, excellence, stewardship, and concern for those who are poor.

Values: Compassion-We serve others with tenderness and generosity, treating them as they would like to be treated.

Respect: We recognize the dignity of each individual by promoting an atmosphere of hospitality, trust, and cooperation.

Concern for those who are poor: We strive to relieve misery and address its causes, particularly committing our resources to those most in need.

Excellence: We seek to continually improve the delivery of services in our communities, working toward distinction in all we do.

Stewardship: We responsibly manage our God-given resources for the common good.

This mission and value statement serves as the code of conduct that clarifies the responsibilities of an employee of the company that are considered acceptable by the company. Having a code of ethics with an implementation program is the minimum requirement for reputation management. The code of conduct is a kind of prevention medicine: without such a program a corporation is vulnerable simply because it has neglected to take business ethics seriously. The mission and value statement not only covers employees but covers patients and visitors of the hospital. The hospital wants every employee, patient, and visitor to know that the hospital seeks to work together to give the best possible experience to anyone who walks through the doors of the facility. Everyone will be treated with compassion, respect, concern, excellence, and stewardship. Race, religion, or financial status does...