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This system of inquiry paper will be developed from the Code of Conduct that serves as the code of ethics for Qwest. The basic framework of why, when, how, and for whom the document will be used is developed throughout the paper. Qwest has a responsibility to provide guidance to its employees on how to carry out employees' job responsibilities ethically and legally in order to ensure the highest degree of responsible organizational behavior.

Code of Conduct serves as a document that clarifies the responsibilities of an employee of the organization that are considered acceptable by the organization. Code of Conduct can be defined as "a set of unwritten rules according to which people in a particular group, class, or situation are supposed to behave." (Encarta, 2007) Employees who follow the standards in the code of ethics allow for growth and prosperity of the organization in the future. The Code of Conduct is used to evaluate decision making, problem solving, and the behavior in a business setting.

In order to make sound ethical decisions within the organization, there are practiced methods discussed in the Code of Conduct for examining the ethical aspects of a decision and measuring the considerations that may affect the choice for a course of action.

Qwest's Code of Conduct consists of the ethics policy, methods and procedures, employee policy, assets and resources information, conflicts of interest policy, and government requirements and dealings. (Qwest, 2006) The Code of Conduct is used by board of directors and all employees of Qwest, including Qwest's affiliate companies. Qwest's Code of Conduct sets forth the principles and ethical standards that describe employees' job responsibilities and business conduct. Qwest's Code of Conduct describes their values and conducting all business transactions lawfully and with integrity. Most of the ground rules are written...