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This system of Inquiry paper will be based off of the code of ethics and rules and regulations from the September 2007 Associates Handbook at Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar. The article is very lengthy, a full 26 pages with supplemental inserts adding to the total page count of 33 pages. This is not uncommon of company codes of ethics. The code is usually long to include every possible detail of every possible situation that could potentially come up. This code must not target one group or population but all workplace scenes since the Corporation is a national one located in several thousand locations. It must be very precise but also easy for the employee to read and comprehend. It must hit every topic with the utmost precision leaving no room for loop holes.

One flaw or misconstrued detail in the code could result in a lawsuit which is the last issue any company wants to have on their plate.

In order to insure this does in fact stay off the plate companies must make the code available to each and every employee on the payroll at the company and they must have a plan of action. They must insure these employees know where the company stands on certain issues and problems. This is often the first step to preventing problems such as the above listed lawsuits and also disgruntled employees and customers. Good ethical standards are also a plus when choosing an employee. Often times when an individual is applying or going in for an interview prior to being hired the company will instruct the individual to take a lengthy questionnaire type assessment. You, the potential employee, may think that this is pointless and a total waste of your time but most often companies will use theSystem of Inquiry-Applebee's...