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A system of inquiry is a crucial organizational tool typically implemented as a written Code of Conduct. Sierra Healthcare's 55-page document (found on the corporate intranet site and provided in hard copy to all new-hires), demonstrates a steadfast policy throughout a company that provides healthcare related services to over one million subscribers across seven states.

(Sierra Healthcare, 2007).

The system of inquiry analysis will examine how the document and the company's values and Vision Statement's function synergistically. A framework of why, how, when, and for whom the document will be used will be developed throughout the analysis as well. Sierra Healthcare, Inc. has a responsibility to provide direction to employees in terms of how to perform job functions ethically and legally in order to ensure the utmost degree of responsible company behavior.

Why is The Code of Conduct used?A system of inquiry or Code of Conduct serves as a document that clarifies the responsibilities of an employee of the company that are considered acceptable by the company.

Employees who adhere to the standards in the Code enable the growth and prosperity of the company in the future. The code is used to evaluate decision-making, problem-solving, and the behavior in a business/corporate setting. In order to make sound ethical decisions within the company there are practiced methods discussed in the Code of Conduct for exploring the ethical aspects of a decision and weighing the considerations that may impact the choice for a course of action.

All employees within the company are responsible for reviewing the Code of Conduct as a commitment that they will conduct all aspects of their job in an ethical and legal manner. Employees are required to sign a disclaimer acknowledging that they have read and comprehended the company's Code of Conduct during orientation with the...