System Support Within the Workplace

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System Support Within the Workplace

It is interesting that this subject, system support at the workplace, would be a topic for a paper in this course. System support in my workplace is at present a sore subject that is constantly being debated and concepts constantly thrown about. Presently there is no configuration management nor software/hardware management team in place, though one is always discussed about being developed. What is presently in place is a help desk and networking section that supports users on all issues to include software deployment and configuration approval issues.

Support systems within my organization are comprised of several different system support designs, however, I think it is necessary that I give an understanding of how the organization that supports systems is made up. We have the Director and the Deputy Director, and under them we have several departments (4 to be exact), each with their own organizational manager.

Now I will be concentrating on one department in particular. That will be the department that has within it several sections; Helpdesk, Networking, Infrastructure, and last but not least the Information Assurance section.

The helpdesk and networking section is comprised of myself being second in charge and several other military and civilian (contractors) employees. Our main intent is support of the network and customers and to provide quality support for all hardware and software issues.

With the rapid increase in technologies in the workplace, combined with other internal and external factors such as new regulations, staff turnover, revised reporting requirements, and other technical issues, our means of support is constantly changing because no process is in place, however, certain basic functions have not changed; the supervisor is still the key link between policy and frontline staff. At times we all find it difficult to understand fully the depth...