Systems Analysis

Essay by RectifierCollege, Undergraduate November 2006

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Within our organization we have a group of Network Consulting Engineers (NCE's) that provide planning, design, implementation, and operational services to contracted enterprise and service provider clients. On a number of recent occasions, it has come to light that one NCE is struggling with a design/planning issue that has already been addressed by another NCE. In some cases, the solutions provided to our clients were not consistent between the NCE's.

It was determined that a new system is needed that will provide an orderly and organized data repository that would be available to all NCE's. This system needs to provide an easy method for the NCE's to access and leverage previously defined design solutions. The IT team spent time interviewing and observing the NCE team using the current information systems. The team discovered that the current systems lacked the flexibility and access to meet the needs of the NCE's. In addition the processes to back up an effective workflow are absent.

Through this analysis the key user requirements were identified. These requirements were considered in the selection of the proposed information system.

The IT team assembled and reviewed all data and documentation available on the current processes and tools in use by the NCE team today. In doing so we discovered some specific deficiencies that can be addressed in the proposed solution. At this time, we have neither formal procedures nor tools for cataloging and storing NCE design solutions for future reference. This means the NCE's are duplicating some of their efforts. This duplication of effort is causing an increase in solution design time and support costs as well as losing best practices information among NCE's. To mitigate these issues, new business requirements have been designed into the proposed information system.

The proposed system will be accessed via a secure...