Systems Development Life Cycle

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What is a SDLC. Well system development life cycle is the most common of system of switching out an outdated business system. Many new computer and networking technologies arrive year in and year out. These new standards can make the current computer systems of many business seem obsolete. Having an obsolete system can cause lack of production and a loss of income in your specific establishment. These upgrades are not cheap, yet they must be done in order to stay in the loop of competition. Falling behind in any industry may result in death. So it is imperative that you carefully contemplate, revise, and plan your own specific SDLC.

First thing first, does your business really need a new system? If this is true need to define the existing problems of your system and, then set some objectives that you hope to reach during this SDLC. This is an important stage that is sometimes overlooked by many establishments.

Soon after that one must move on to the next step called systems analysis. This step can be described as developing a detailed investigation of the problem enabling an understanding of the requirements of your specific system. This step may include taking an inventory of what you have and what you need to replace in your existing system. Much of the information needed in this step is received from corporate documents and basic observations. This step also sees if the system is technically, economically, operationally and legally feasible. Soon after the step of system design comes into place. This is the basically designing a system that fits your organization the best. Basically your company would explore the different designs and identify the best one for your business. The next step in SDLC is system acquisition; which involves the...