Systems Gathering Requirements Document

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Systems Gathering Requirements Document

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September 29, 2008


Systems Gathering Requirements Document

During the systems planning phase a feasibility analysis was performed in determining if purchasing a software program would meet the demands of operations (need), technical (practicality), and economic (financial) factors of the project. Given the fact that over time, collateral analysts spend a tremendous amount of time manually calculating borrowing base ineligibles from cumbersome agings, management along with the IT department have approved the request to purchase the software program. The assessment was performed by departmental bank management, IT department, the software developer, and the departmental liaison. In order for the project to move forward to phase two of the SDLC, the system analysis phase must be accepted.

In the systems analysis phase of the SDLC, you use models and other documentation tools to visualize and describe the proposed system.

The overall objective of the systems analysis phase is to understand the proposed project, ensure that it will support business requirements, and build a solid foundation for system development (Shelly, Cashman & Rosenblatt, 2004, p. 92,¶ 1).

Resulting in the design of the overall system called the system requirements document of the systems analysis phase. However, before the system requirements document can be written the systems analyst must gather information that will be recognized. This document will discuss the various methods to be used to determine requirements for the proposed system.

The first process in gathering requirements is to conduct interviews with managers, department heads, and users. During this process questions are formed and information is gathered. One main question that a systems analyst will ask is, "Do you see any advantages in the proposed system?" The responding reply might state that...