Systems Theory and Triple Bottom Line theory Analysis

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Systems Theory and Triple Bottom Line theory AnalysisCorporations should be and could be a major force for resolving environmental and socialconcerns in the 21st century" (Banerjee, B, 2003, p. 1).

William Ford, Jr., 2004.

The following paper will be a two-page analysis on the ways in which Systems Theory and the Triple Bottom Line Theory support each other. According to the article entitled, "Theories of Corporate Social Responsibility," the term, Systems Theory, actually involves studying the abstract nature and functions of systems without reference to their specific components", the author further explains that, these may be any systems "…biological, social, or organizational". Moreover, according to the article, "The theory holds that parts of complex systems are held together by relationships such that a small change in one part can trigger larger changes in another part or even throughout the entire system"(Norman, Wayne and MacDonald, 2003, March p. 1).

Based upon the Theories of Corporate Social Responsibility then, it is a truism that corporations are just one small piece of the puzzle in regards to the entire integrated systems within a society. These integrated systems deal with the political, social, economic, and environmental issues. Suffice it to say, however, that when we relate System Theory to corporate social responsibility, we realize that any change in the policies of a corporation can easily affect other parts of the system. Further, when an organization makes any kind of changes within their own company, those changes can have a positive or a negative effect on the entire system that surrounds this establishment. Hopefully, the changes they make will have a positive effect.

In the Triple Bottom Line Theory, the corporation is doing everything it can in order to maximize profits and increase its bottom line. However, in this day and age, corporations...