Systems Theory As Applied To Cool Runnings

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In this paper I will review the movie Cool Runnings and analyze the workings of the main group in this movie as it applies to the systems theory of groups. The main topics that will be discussed in this paper include how the actions of one unit in a group affect the rest of a group and others outside of a group, the effect of synergy and the interactions between the different units of a group to bring about synergy (negative or positive). This paper will also analyze Cool Runnings specifically looking at group boundaries and the cliques that appear in the movie. In this paper, you will better understand the workings of a group and how the systems theory applies to the movie Cool Runnings.

One of the most common effects that happen in groups is called the ripple effect. The ripple effect is most likely named after the action of throwing a rock or stone into a body of water and getting the effect of ripples that spread out across the pool of water.

Relating this action to a group is best summarized in the statement that what happens to one member of the group happens to all the members of the group. This can be seen in the movie Cool Runnings when Junior gets a burst of confidence in the western bar and goes out to try and fight someone from another bobsled team. When he starts to fight the rest of the team that was there enters the fight. When the team returns to their rooms, their coach reprimands them. Even though one of the members of the team was not there, the attitudes of the rest of team is sure to have affected the team mate that stayed in the room.

Synergy is a sort...