Taiwan Independence Movements during the Japanese Control

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Even though Archipelago of Pescadore, which belongs to Taiwan today, had been a part of Chian, Taiwan did not become Chinese territory until Chin dynasty conquered the Koxinga's regime on Taiwan in 1693. During the Chin dynasty control, Taiwan was a domestic colony for 212 years and was given to Japan in 1895.Taiwan became a Japanese colony for the next 50 years.

In 1895, the Taiwanese declared the establishment of the Taiwan Democratic Republic, but its original intention was prevention for a Japanese takeover and restoration of Taiwan to the Chin dynasty. Within a few months the Japanese destroyed the Taiwan Democratic Republic, but the Taiwanese continued their guerrilla warfare

against the Japanese until 1902.

There were armed uprisings intermittently until 1916. After 1916, the Taiwanese engaged in modern anti-Japanese Taiwan nationalistic movements in Tokyo, China, and Taiwan. During the whole Japanese period, except for a few occasions, most of the anti-Japanese Taiwan nationalistic movements had used the "Independence of Taiwan" as the

slogan. For example, the Taiwan Communist Party, which was formed in 1928, had the overthrow of the Japanese imperialist control of Taiwan and the establishment of an independent Taiwan as a part of the party constitution. Moreover, Mao Tse-tung, in an interview with Edgar Snow on July 16, 1936, stated that the Chinese Communist Party would assist the Taiwanese as well as the Koreans in their anti-Japanese struggle for independence.