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There's not enough time! How does anyone in the education system find time to finish tasks? Too many things are rushed or unfinished because of insufficient time. The stress involved produces nothing but an abortive attitude. What if we didn't have school on Fridays? An extra day off each weekend would benefit everyone. The teachers would have more time to prepare. Other faculty would get more time to organize, and students would be able to raise their grades significantly. Teachers would certainly be a beneficiary of the additional time.

With the newly available time, teachers would finally be able to keep up on grades. It seems that most teachers are habitually behind in grading assignments. If they had Fridays off, they would have the time to catch up with grades. This profits the students also. They can now stay up-to-date on their grades and acknowledge missing assignments sooner. With the extra time presented, teachers wouldn't be so pressed for time.

Life would be easier and less stressful. Teachers could also use the extra time to prepare.

With additional time to prepare, classes will run smoother. The teacher has thought out each part of the lesson plan, so they are more capable of communicating information clearly. As the content becomes easier to understand, more students will comprehend it. Soon there will be an evident raise in the grades of students that struggled before. The additional time an extra day would provide would also benefit the other staff in the school system.

With additional time, school faculty would have a better opportunity to organize events. Events would be able to be thought through more. They would generally run a lot smoother. Along with being able to organize events more efficiently, staff will be able to prepare more for them. They will have...